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Pillar (formerly The Poke Initiative) was founded by Jackson Dibble and Dawen Lin in 2017 after recognising that countless non-profits and social enterprises wished to enhance their impact through social media, but were often prevented from doing so due to their lack of resources and capabilities. From this, Pillar was established to engage passionate and social media savvy university students to fill this missing link and uplift these organisations.


As a student-led non-profit, our mission at Pillar is to provide targeted digital solutions to the many challenges faced by non-profits and social enterprises, and to give young people the opportunity to use and build their skills to make a tangible difference in their communities.


Pillar has experienced dramatic growth since its humble beginnings in 2017, taking on more and more projects each year. During this time, our passionate executive teams have curated new offerings including an industry mentoring program as well as upskilling and networking events to further our student volunteers capabilities and their social impact for the non-profits and social enterprises they support.


Our projects are ever growing and we cannot wait to see what our executive team achieves in 2024 and beyond.




Since 2017, Pillar has grown consistently to support over 100 diverse non-profits and social enterprises with overcoming challenges such as lack of awareness, limited social media know-how, and a shortage of funds and resources. 


We have recruited over 265 Project Leaders through our rigorous selection process to ensure our clients have access to volunteers who are well-trained and eager to create social change through social media.


Right from day 1, our 10-week projects are hands-on as we strive to provide your organisation with more than just a pitch deck. Throughout the program, we continue to equip our Project Leaders with essential resources – whether that be through our industry mentoring program, upskilling workshops, or weekly check-ins with their Project Managers – to ensure meaningful, functional, and successful results for your organisation.

Meet Our 2024 Executive Team

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