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As a student volunteer – Project Leader – at Pillar, you will collaborate in teams of 2-3 to work on a project for a non-profit or social enterprise client over the course of 10-weeks. Throughout the Project Cycle, you will work closely with your team and client to create meaningful deliverables that will improve their social media marketing strategy – whether that be through long/short-term strategy creation, content creation, engagement analysis and/or a campaign/platform launch. To achieve this, we ask that you commit a minimum of 3-4 hours per week of your time to the project.



Your Project Leader experience is broken up into the following six stages:


The Application Process

If you're a current university student with a passion for social media and social change, we invite you to apply to become a Project Leader.


This involves 2 stages:

1. The written application stage, and

2. The behavioural/case study group interview.

We'd love to hear about your previous experiences,  motivation for joining, and what you hope to achieve as a Pillar Project Leader.


The On-Boarding Process

During our induction training event, led by the Pillar Executive Team, we will walk you through the Pillar project process and answer any and all questions you may have before the projects commence.


Here, you will be introduced to your co-Project Leader(s) and our team will guide you through our project and training materials to help you kick-off with confidence.


Client Introductions

Project Leaders will be introduced to their non-profit/social enterprise client following our in-depth induction and project briefs will be handed over.

As a Project Leader, you will arrange your first meeting with the client to learn more about the organisation and the social media issue you have been tasked to tackle.


Project Kick-Off

Following this introduction, projects will commence with Project Leaders delving into background research of the deliverables and project goals.

This stage often begins with Project Leaders creating a project timeline and gaining a deeper insight into their clients environment and potential challenges.


Project Development

By this stage, Project Leaders will have a clear timeline and milestones in place to ensure their clients needs will be met. You will also be introduced to your industry professional mentor and will attend weekly check-ins with your Student Engagement Director to answer any concerns and provide guidance on your project progress.

A range of events such as upskilling workshops and industry networking panels will also be held for Project Leaders to attend to refine your skills whilst boosting your confidence and experience.


Project Completion

At the end of our 10-week Project Cycle, Project Leaders will wrap-up the project, finalise any remaining tasks, and handover project deliverables to your client.

The cycle will end with a Project Showcase event, run by our Pillar Executive Team, to celebrate the work our Project Leaders have achieved for our clients and as a thank you to the student volunteers and

non-profit/social enterprise clients for their hard work. 

Have a question about the Project Leader experience?

Get in touch.

What Our Student Volunteers Had to Say...


Hannah Bannerman
Bachelor of Psychology & 
Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing)

Project Leader for

Royal Far West


At Pillar, I gained amazing insight into what a marketing professional does whilst also improving my confidence in creative design and idea pitching. I loved meeting like-minded individuals and appreciated the camaraderie and support of the Pillar team.


Despite being new to the marketing world, I felt at ease knowing our SED and Mentor were ready to talk about any issues I faced. I left Pillar feeling grateful for the rewarding nature of the Project Cycle, and would recommend the organisation to anyone looking to expand their industry experience!


Luis Jerusalem
Bachelor of Economics

Project Leader for


I wasn't expecting to meet new people during a lockdown, let alone the amazing members of the Pillar team. It really was a great experience and I can't recommend it enough!


Not only will you develop your interpersonal skills along your fellow Project Leaders, but more importantly, with partnered non-profits furthering one of many incredible causes. If you're a student who is looking for opportunities to gain real hands-on experience, then this is definitely the organisation for you!


Lani Johnson
Bachelor of Arts
(Communications & Media Studies)

Project Leader for

Habitat for Humanity Australia

Pillar was an amazing opportunity to work with real-life non-profits on meaningful projects. I learnt so much throughout the 10 weeks, expanding my industry knowledge and networks, and making new friends. 


Not only were we mentored by a marketing professional, but also supported by everyone on the Pillar team. I work in the social media and marketing industry now and wouldn’t be here without the support and knowledge I gained from the project.


Austin Kozak
Bachelor of Commerce (International),
Marketing & Advanced Chinese Studies

Project Leader for

Out for Australia

I absolutely loved my time as a Project Leader at Pillar and would highly recommend it to any students looking to upskill, expand their experiences, and strengthen their CV.


From the onboarding process and mentoring sessions to the final deliverable, the team provided us with support, encouragement, and feedback. I worked hands-on with big data during our engagement analysis (an imperative skill for any marketer in today's world) and have now secured a grad role since! 11/10 recommend!

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